Perpetual Awards and Trophies

The purpose of this document is to provide deed of gift information on the various trophies presented annually to members of Monmouth Boat Club. Retired trophies are included for historical purposes.

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Conceived by the Board of Trustees in 1994, this award is presented to a member who has demonstrated extraordinary service to Monmouth Boat Club. The criteria is as follows:

  • Extraordinary Service Contribution: The DSA should require ample evidence of the candidate’s extraordinary service to the Club.
  • Enduring Value: The DSA should reflect the candidate’s contribution to creating or preserving some enduring value of the Club. Value can and should include the Club’s tangible assets, historic presence international reputation, for example.
  • Persistent Effort: The DSA should require and be the result of candidate’s persistent and/or continuous effort, perhaps spanning several Club administrations.
  • General Recognition: Although it is possible for a Club member to contribute significantly for a number of years in a way in which could be worthy of a DSA without general recognition by Club membership as a whole, the clear choice is for a candidate whose contribution the general membership would recognize.

To date, four members have won this prestigious award:
1994 – Chris Frost
1998 – Mary Huntsman
2004 – Tom Vought
2013 – Pat Corr


Albacore Champion – Best 24 races on the Navesink

Flying Scot Champion – Best 24 races on the Navesink

Lightning Champion – Best 24 races on the Navesink

Sanderling Champion – Best 24 races on the Navesink

WoodPussy Champion – Best 24 races on the Navesink

Atwater Trophy – Presented by Mrs. Benjamin L. Atwater in the memory of her husband, commodore of MBC in 1940 and 1941. Awarded to the winner of a three-race series in Lightings. The races are to be the first of the regular summer series races on the race days closest to Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.

Neil Clifton Plaque – Donated by Neil G. Clifton, former commodore, for the winner of the fall series in WoodPussys. Neil was one of the principal organizers of the WoodPussy fleet.

Cox Trophy – Donated in 1949 by Mrs. Herbert (Squirrelly) Cox in memory of her husband. Herb was instrumental in organizing Lightning Fleet 70 in 1946-47, served as fleet captain, and was an extremely colorful and capable skipper. To be awarded annually to the Lightning Fleet 70 summer champion. The fleet will determine the method of scoring.

Borden L. Hance Jr. Plaque – Donated by Borden L. (Brub) Hance, former commodore of MBC, for the winner of the spring series in WoodPussys.

Howard L. Hathaway Memorial Bowl – Donated by friends of the late Howard L. Hathaway, Jr., an officer of MBC, and a WoodPussy sailor. Perpetual trophy for the winner of the summer series in WoodPussys.

Bob Howson WoodPussy Bridge Race Trophy – Donated by the MBC WoodPussy Fleet to a WoodPussy sailor for performance and participation in the MBC bridge race series.

Irv Lewis Memorial Trophy – Awarded to the winner of the Memorial Day regatta in Lightnings.

Miltenberger Trophy – Donated by the late Eugene F. Miltenberger to promote interest in sailboat racing. Awarded to the winner of one race, sailed in a class boat determined each year by the race committee. Eligible skippers are senior MBC members and their senior dependents who have not won an MBC summer series first place trophy, or National Sweepstakes Regatta, or this trophy. The race committee schedules the race each year.

The Monmouth Boat Club Championship Trophy – Conceived and donated by the Huntsman family in 1997, this trophy is awarded to the skipper who earns the most points during the racing year from Floats Out of one year through Floats Out of the next year in following areas: participation, performance, versatility and service.

The Monmouth Boat Club Women’s Championship Trophy – Donated by Eileen Ewing in 2012 to encourage and promote MBC women sailors. The regatta shall be sailed in an available class boat decided upon by the skipper participants. In the event that a consensus regarding boat class cannot be reached by the participants, the first rear commodore will cast the tie-breaking vote. Three races shall be scheduled but one race shall constitute a regatta. Eligible skippers and crews shall be MBC women members 18 years of age and over. Number of crew shall be guided by class rules, safety considerations and will also take into account that any eligible woman who wants to sail should be accommodated.

Monmouth Museum Trophy – Donated in 1973 by the Monmouth Museum as a perpetual trophy to be presented to the winner of the class in the fall series that has the most boats start.

Lars Olsen Plaque – Donated by Lars Olsen, local builder of many championship boats, for the winner of the spring series in Lightnings.

Dr. Walter A. Rullman Trophy – Donated by Mrs. W. A. Rullman in memory of her husband who was instrumental in starting the junior program at MBC. Each year, this trophy will be inscribed with the names of the Mallory, Adams, Sears, and O’Day representatives from MBC.

Annual Rowing Fleet Award – The Rowing Fleet Award goes to the MBC rower with best overall finishes for the season in the MBC rowing fleet races.


Altruder Cup – Presented to the junior winner of the Friday race series.

Good Sportsmanship Trophy – Awarded to the junior who best exemplifies good sportsmanship during the current year. The winner is selected by the commodore, first rear commodore, and the chairman of the junior program. Donated in 1936 by Mr. Sydney Wain of the “Red Bank Standard.”

Methot Trophy – Donated in 1965 by the juniors of MBC to honor June Methot. June gave many hours of her time to advanced junior training and seminars. Awarded each year to the junior most improved in sailboat racing that year, as determined by the commodore, first rear commodore, and chairman of the junior program. For the purpose of this trophy, members or dependents under 21 years of age on September 1 of the season are eligible for this award.

Mergenthaler Plate – Presented to the adult(s) who provide the most support to the junior program.


Michael O’Keefe Service – Donated by the Cruising Fleet.

John English Spirit Award – Donated by the Cruising Fleet.

E. Van der Leur Seamanship – Donated by the Cruising Fleet to honor fleet members in three categories.

Spinnaker Award – Donated by the Cruising Fleet in 2005 in honor of Joe Focarile, this award is presented to an MBC member who demonstrates loyalty and dedication to the ideals of the Monmouth Boat Club through the following criteria:

  1. Dedicated to the principle of tolerance for all;
  2. Enthusiasm for every activity;
  3. Dynamic leadership in fleet activities;
  4. Creativity and full of ideas for benefit of all;
  5. Ability to get things started;
  6. Friendship and interest in others;
  7. Hard working for the benefit of others.

Dr. Edwin Field Navigator Trophy – Donated by Brub Hance in 2007, this antique wood and brass sextant once owned by our founder has been made into a permanent trophy to be presented to the Cruising Fleet member who makes the longest voyage (out and back) between Floats In and Floats Out each year.


Leah Russell Novice Trophy – Donated by Mrs. E. Dixon Russell in 1953, to encourage racing among the ladies. Awarded each year to the winner of a three-race series in a class boat, and on dates determined by the race committee. Eligible contestants are senior ladies who have not won an MBC summer series first place trophy. Previous winners may compete. Reassigned from 1995 through 2010 as the MBC Women’s Championship.

Bull Trophy – Awarded too the MBC Sears Cup representative. Donated by Mr. G. N. Bull to encourage junior sailing. Mr. Bull was district commodore of the Lightning class, and officer of Fleet 70, and of MBC.

Marianne Memorial – Donated by Willem Verkooyen in memory of his daughter. Wim as a first VP in the Flying Dutchman class. Awarded to the winner each year of the annual Tulip Bowl Regatta of the Flying Dutchman class.

Gravy Bowl – Donated by Lars Olsen in honor of Mrs. Raymond B. (Gravy) Lippincott, Jr., for the winner of the annual Gravy Bowl regatta in Jet 14s on the first Sunday of October. Mr. Lippincott was a founder of Fleet 14 of the Jet 14s.

Ray Smith Cup – Donated by Ray Smith, a former proprietor of the Union House. A perpetual trophy for the winner of the Jet 14 spring series.

Willis Clayton (Comet) Trophy – Originally awarded to the winner of one race in Comets. Reassigned to be awarded annually to the Jet 14 MBC summer series winner.

Indian Summer Trophy – Donated by Manny Wilner, a regional VP of the Flying Dutchman class, for the winner of the fall series races of October only. This trophy is intended to encourage October sailing and will be administered by Fleet 7