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Welcome to the most active Laser/ILCA Fleet in New Jersey, or anywhere within a 150-mile radius of NYC 

What's doing now

2024 MBC Winter Laser/ILCA Frostbiting Series -- Register here

RC schedule
PRO RC Sailed
Jan-1 Larry Nociolo Jan Galanti Yes
Jan-7 Taylor Niles Phil Angelo Yes
Jan-14 Mike Evans Jacob Smith no - wind
Jan-21 Marc Gordon Gary Depice no - ice
Jan-28 Ted Duffy Alan Morley no - wind
Feb-4 Gary Depice Lewis Forrest Yes
Feb-11 Bernard Friel Friso Kramer Yes
Feb-18 Kevin Flood Sam Turvey no - wind
Feb-25 Michael Evans Jacob Smith
Mar-3 Glen Dickson
Mar-17 Becky Sodon Bob Sodon
Mar-24 Brian Dellett

    Earlier Events

    • 2024 MBC New Year's Day Laser/ILCA Regatta: register at event: series results

    • 2023 MBC Fall Laser-ILCA Frostbiting series, Sunday's Oct 29th - Dec 17thSeries results
    • 2023 Fall Laser/ILCA Regatta -- Saturday Oct 14th, 10:30am first race, register at event
    • 2023 Spring Laser/ILCA Regatta -- Saturday May 13th, 10:30am first race, register at event: Results
    • 2023 MBC Winter Laser/ILCA Frostbiting series -- Sunday's Jan 8th - Mar 26th: Results
    • 2023 New Year's Day Regatta: Results

      Social media

      We use a Facebook private group, MBC Laser/ILCA Fleet #9 to communicate with MBC Laser sailors as well as the public Facebook group Laser District 10 for district wide communications. 


      An assortment of excellent photos, taken by Pete Buoy Productions, can be found on our Fleet Facebook page and the Pete Buoy SmugMug page

      About Our Fleet:

      Founded in 1879, MBC is home to the 9th oldest Laser fleet, and is on the New Jersey and National Registers of Historical Places – not just because it’s old, but because it’s awesome.

      While we have an array of active fleets that call MBC home, the non-summer months is when MBC comes alive for Laser sailors from all over NJ, NY and eastern PA. From October through May, MBC is home to more than 100 Laser races, making it the most active fleet around.

      If you have questions or comments don’t hesitate to reach out to Larry Nociolo, Fleet Captain at 

      MBC Laser/ILCA Fleet Upcoming Race Calendar:

      • MBC New Year's Day Laser/ILCA Regatta, Monday Jan 1st, 2024
      • MBC Winter Laser/ILCA Frostbiting, Sunday's Jan 7th - Mar 24 2024

      Everyone is welcome to join us, regardless of age, sailing experience, or Laser rig.

      We also encourage our fleet to be an active participant in the ILCA District 10 events.

      All MBC Laser Regattas and Frostbiting Series are currently being managed by Clubspot. Visit their site and type "MBC" where it asks to 'Search public regattas...'. This is where you will find race documents and sign up for events.