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Fleet Co-Captains: 

    Fleet Members

    • Cole Barney
    • Dale E. Barney
    • Joe Cahill
    • Pat F. Corr
    • Randy Dickerson
    • Denis Farley
    • Bernard & Andree Friel
    • Marc Gordon
    • Jack Huntsman
    • Ron Kudile
    • Thom Lee
    • Paul & Dot & Topher Lucyk
    • Taugh Lynch
    • Larry Nociolo
    • Talbot Pratt
    • Ian Sanderson
    • Barbara Sanoudis
    • Dan Vought
    • Dave Watts
    • Bob Winters


The N10 fleet sails from early November through the winter as long as the water is soft. Fleet members share their boats so everyone gets a chance to participate in Sunday racing…. most of it held right out in front of the Club