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2022 Floats-In!

  • April 02, 2022
  • 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • MBC


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Floats-In Will Commence Saturday Morning

Update: We are closely monitoring the weather, Floats-in is still a GO; if that should change an update will be sent out Saturday morning alerting everyone.

It’s time to transition to the 2022 season and that means the All-Hands Floats-In event! Saturday April 2nd is Floats In, starting at 8 am.  All able members are to join in and lend a hand; in addition to the floats work there are many tasks to be tackled around the house and yard so everyone present will be able to contribute. This is a great team building event that brings the whole club together!

·         Attire: Work boots and work gloves are helpful

·         Tools: Hammers, wrenches and battery powered drills are always useful

·         Food will be provided for breakfast and lunch (please use the "RSVP" button in this event email to help us determine how much food to buy)

Parking will be in the Marine Park Parking Lot Only

Pay for 2 hours of parking & place a note in your front windshield stating "Monmouth Boat Club Event"

 When to move your boat:

·   Boats stored in the yard for winter storage and have been paid for summer storage need to be moved to the West Side (Ice-Boat Club) by Friday April 1st. Boats stored in the yard for winter storage that will not remain for summer storage need to be removed from the yard.

·   Boats that have been paid for summer storage and assigned a yard assignment may be brought down Sunday April 3rd. Please do not bring down a boat to the yard until it has been paid for and a yard assignment received from the yard supervisor.

 Summary of work items:

In the yard:

·         Apply decking and rub-rails to the newly built floats

·         Repair old floats

·         Unstack, launch and connect floats

·         Prep club boats for launch

·         Remove boats from the stacked floats

·         General clean-up

·         Move the racks down the yard

·         Paint racks

In the house:

·        Take down inside winter doors

·         Remove awning covers

·         Clean up Club Lockers

·         Spring clean-up in the kitchen

·         General clean up (all floors)

For new members, launching the floats requires teams to:

·         Operate the A-Frame to stack the floats

·         Push the trailers to the bottom of the yard

·         Operate the lift to place floats in the water

·         Connect the floats together once in the water