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17 Boats in 4 Fleets Close Out Summer in the Labor Day Regatta

September 2, 2014 in Racing by Thom

Four fleets came out to sail the Labor Day Regatta in Southwesterly breezes of about 15 mph.

DSC_9266-X2George Harrington won in the Lightning fleet.
Charlie Ladoulis won in the Sanderling fleet.
Dave Watts won in the Laser fleet.
Thom Lee won in the Flying Scot Fleet.
For complete results, visit

Photo by Art Petrosemolo.
Click here to see a ton of great shots by Art.


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New MBC Ship’s Store

August 26, 2014 in General by Eric

Sunday – August 31st – 6 PM

A message from our new Ship’s Store Retailers!

The Grand Opening of the new MBC Ship’s Store will be held at our 2014 Labor Day Cocktail Party, Sunday, August 31st, 6pm. Cash or checks!  Orders will gladly be taken.

The merchandize is all new – check it out this Sunday, start your Holiday shopping early!

For orders or questions, the Ship’s Store email addresses are:

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Summer Series Finale

August 25, 2014 in Racing by Thom

summer series finale5 Lightnings, 4 Flying Scots, and 2 Albacores came out to contest the final day of the 2014 Summer Series.

Ian Sanderson and Denis Farley won the day in the Lightning and Flying Scot fleets respectively. However, George Harrington and Thom Lee won the series in their fleets. Doug Marsh won both the day and the series in the Albacore fleet. Final scores can be found at

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Tuesday Night Racing Closes Out Beautifully

August 21, 2014 in Racing by Thom

The Tuesday Evening Series closed with beautiful weather and lots of boats. 17 boats came out.

Congratulations to Bernard and Andree Friel who clinched the series by winning the night… again.

For complete results, visit

IMG_7094 IMG_7086 IMG_7088

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5 Boats from MBC travel to Saratoga Springs

August 11, 2014 in Flying Scot, Racing by Thom

IMG_7075Five boats traveled to the Saratoga Lake Sailing Club for their 28th annual Flying Scot Regatta. As always, the hospitality provided by the club was second to none. While the weather was beautiful, it wasn’t quite conducive to sailing. Unfortunately, the wind never fully filled in and it was all the RC could do to get one race in.

To check out the finish positions, visit the new Road Warriors page under Racing Information.

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Friels win Sunday’s Bridge Race, then go 3 for 3 on Tuesday Night

August 7, 2014 in Racing by Thom

It was another great night of sailing on Tuesday with moderate breezes and pleasant temperatures. Hard to believe how many great nights we’ve had this year. Only two more in the series so come on out an enjoy them while you still can. We had 3 new skippers this week, Eric Gordon, Pat Corr, and our youngest to date, Topher Lucyk, who was very competitive in a Laser Radial. First time I’ve seen anyone do that.

As for the Friels, they’re having a great year. Congratulations to Bernard and Andree on their wins Sunday and Tuesday. No small feat.

Congratulations also go out to Taugh Lynch for winning Sunday’s Bridge race in the cruising fleet.

As always, complete scores are available at

by Thom

Marc Gordon excels on Tuesday night

July 31, 2014 in Racing by Thom

20140730-214605-78365709.jpgMarc Gordon and Phil Cardelfe won the first two races of the night by impressive margins, proving that a week of competing at the North American Championships is a great way to hone your skills. The team beat out Bernard and Andree Friel in a tie breaker on points for the evening. The wins were Marc’s first since joining the fleet but came as no surprise to anyone who’s paid attention to the time and effort that he and Phil have put into their program. We look forward to seeing many performances like this in the future.

For complete results, visit

The rest of us still got to enjoy a near perfect evening on the water as well, with steady breezes and a cool temperature. There are only 3 more nights left in the series. Don’t miss ‘em if you don’t have to.



Bob Winters Wins Miltenberger

July 26, 2014 in General by Eileen Ewing

Four Flying Scots came to the starting line to sail the Miltenberger race today. The Miltenberger trophy was donated to promote interest in sailing. Eligible skippers are members 18 and older who have not won a summer series or this trophy. In an effort to help novice skippers, experienced sailors often act as crew/mentors. Congratulations to Bob Winters, sailing with Paul Lucyk, who bested the fleet in an 8-12 mph northwesterly. Bob had some competition from Lee Davidson and crew, Denis Farley. Lee passed the Winters boat downwind, but was overtaken on the final beat at the finish line. Last year’s race winner Joe Wawrzynski, Jr., crewed for his dad Joe, Sr. finishing third; and Mary Nicosia, with Eileen Ewing, was fourth. Click here to have a closer look at Art’s photo finish and other great pictures of the event.

2014 miltenberger (129 of 137)2014 miltenberger (130 of 137)2014 miltenberger (133 of 137)

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Nociolos shine on Tuesday night

July 24, 2014 in Racing by Thom

20140723-233525-84925107.jpgLarry and Eileen Nociolo finished 1, 1, 2 on Tuesday night in near perfect conditions.

Winds were steady 10 – 12 knots out of the Southeast.

10 boats came out to enjoy the evening. Everyone else missed out.

For complete results visit


P1100249 220140723-233525-84925945.jpg


Flying Scot North Americans Report

July 21, 2014 in General by Eileen Ewing

Three MBC crews have travelled 45 minutes south to Toms River for the 2014 NACs. All 3 teams are on track to qualify for the Championship Division. John Luard and Keith Petrosemolo posted strong scores of 5 and 2 today in light winds on the Seaside Park course. Marc Gordon and Phil Cardelfe had an 8 and a 5, while Dan Vought and his daughters, Sam and Alex, finished 6 and 8. Go to Regatta Results at for the day’s results. Bruce and Jackie Cattanach are also in attendance as assistant PROs. The qualifying series continues tomorrow with one more race; racing for the championship starts on Wednesday and finishes on Friday. GOOD LUCK TO OUR MBC REPRESENTATIVES!

7/22/14 Update: John and Keith won the third race of the qualifiers today, while the Vought boat finished 7. Marc and Phil earned a 10. All three teams qualified for the Championship Fleet!

7/23/14 Update: In Championship action today, John and Keith had a 10 and a 4 and are currently in 7th place. Dan, Sam and Alex had an 8 and a 10, good for 9th place, and Marc and Phil had a 16 and a 12 and are currently in 14th. The sea breeze filled in great today – south/southeast winds ranged from 15 – 20. Racing continues tomorrow and Friday. Look for photos of the event on the Flying Scot page tomorrow.

7/24/14 Update: Light northwest wind shifting to the east created some havoc on the bay today; for the second race, the course was moved to the west where the breeze picked up slightly. Marc and Phil topped the day for our teams with scores of 14 and 6, Dan and daughters had 16 and 9, John and Keith – 13 and 14. Standings so far are: Luard 11th, Vought 12th, Gordon 14th. The regatta wraps up tomorrow.

dan7/25/14 Update: It was a beautiful day on the Barnegat today with pleasant temperatures and winds out the northeast at 9 -14 mph for the remaining race. John and Keith had a 5, Marc and Phil a 10, and Dan and girls a 16. Final standings found the Luard boat in the money in 10th place, Gordon finished 13th and Vought was 14th. Go to to see Art’s photos of the event.

Photo right by Jackie from the RC boat: Dan, Samantha and Alexandra were invincible invisible out there today.