Friends there is a Nor’easter coming our way for late Friday thru Saturday  with 8 to 12 inches of heavy wet snow 

AND Very High Tides on top of a moon tide which means there is a strong possibility of water in the first floor of the club   

tides are high 8:13 am & 8:40 pm Friday 8:58 am and 9:24 pm Saturday   

Please if you have a frostbite boat in the yard remove it by Friday afternoon  

If you have a items in a locker please make sure they are removed or placed on a high shelf 

I would like any one who is available to come by the club Friday afternoon around 3:30 so we can move items from the first floor out of harms way  

Because of the tide’s the yard will not be plowed please consider the club closed till mid week and let the snow and ice and mess melt before coming by after the storm  

Pat Corr