MBC members who’ve taken their show on the Road

2015 FaneFare

September 12-13 | Nepean Sailing Club | Nepean, Ottawa

Doug and Kay Marsh

“FUN AT THE LEE MARK: At Nepean, Ottawa, in September, they run a yearly multi-class regatta called FaneFare. This year, there were five classes: catamaran (two of which were Tornados), 505, Fireball, Albacore, and 420. Although we were all on the same course area, the first two classes sailed W-L (2 or 3 laps) and the rest used modified Olympic, with the finish line a short reach off the last lee mark.

Winds were about 8-10 mph. As we approached the lee mark after our triangle, we were in 3rd place among the Albacore. The lead boat had rounded, and the 2nd place boat was fast approaching the mark, about a boat length ahead of us. Meanwhile, two 505s that reached on the downwind leg had passed behind us and were outside overlapping from behind us to head to their finish.

My peripheral vision caught sight of something. It was the lead Tornado blasting dead downwind. This was looking ugly since they do not turn quickly. With the 505s overlapped, and a Fireball or two also in the mix, I was looking for a way to bail if the Tornado bore off to try to pass between us and the Albacore ahead. With the 505 moving fast, they would have been in the gap if the Tornado actually made it between the Albacore. The Tornado did not try to alter course; there was just screaming from them. The other Albacore was, fortunately, helmed by Gord Fleming who had sailed with his wife, as the CA military champion for about 15 years in the mid 1980s to 2000. Gord somehow pulled off a magnificent perfectly smooth jibe, the Tornado shot in front of him, Gord jibed back, his boom just missing our forestay. Instead of a rescue event with two holes through the entire boat, we all went onto the upwind leg.”–Doug Marsh

2015 FS GNY Districts and the Roger Punzi Memorial Regatta

August 29-30 | Candlewood Yacht | Candlewood, Ct | 11 boats

5 and 8th Place: Marc Gordon & Phil Cardelfe

“PMS Northern Tour to Connecticut was the exact opposite of the Southern Tour.  Candlewood Lake is a manmade lake surrounded by hills.  The light, fluky wind created unbelievable vortexes.  We think that the Navesink plays games with significant shifts and land effects.  We have nothing on Candlewood with 50 to 180 degree shifts occurring every 5 to 10 minutes– this is apparently their norm.  It was a trial by patience and slow death.  Three races the first day and 1 race the second day called for lack of wind.  The top competitors still put it together in these tough conditions– another learning experience under our belt.” –Marc

2015  76th Annual One Design Regatta

August 8-9, 2015 | Fishing Bay Yacht Club, Deltaville, Virginia | 17 Boats 

7th: Marc Gordon & Phil Cardelfe

“PMS took on the Southern tour with a trip down to Virginia.  The first day was blowing:  22 knot winds with gusts in the high twenties.  Only 11 out of the 24 boat registered ventured out.  Our mission was to keep in control and stay upright.  Wasn’t our best showing the first day, but no incidents.  Down wind planing was incredible.  The next day was moderating wind from 5 to 9 knots with 17 boats on the line.  Much better showing.  Though we had a couple of 4th places, we couldn’t better our 7th place overall finish with some top competitors coming in from North Carolina and Maryland.  We learned a lot from the big dogs and were sure to put it to good use in the future.  We finished the surf and turf meal plan we started at Selby Bay with a great steak in Richmond, Va– we are alway available for consultation on best places to eat.  Great sailing venue/ well run regatta.”– Marc


2015 Flying Scot Summer Solstice Regatta
June 20-21, 2015 | Selby Bay Marina, Maryland | 17 Boats 

4th: Marc Gordon & Phil Cardelfe

The Phil and Marc Show (“PMS” for short) took the first road trip for 2015 down to Maryland to race in South River near Annapolis.  “Stay Thirsty” was very fast down Route 95, attaining speeds of 75+ mph while still keeping the sail cover on.  The first day, the boat was just as fast with a solid finish of 3rd out of the 17 boat fleet.  Unfortunately, the second day was not so kind with variable winds and chop which pushed us into fourth place overall and off the podium.  We’ll be going down again later this season for a rematch.  Always a good time with a solid helping of Crab, Old Bay Seasoning, and Beer (not in that order).  [The boat cover did not hold up on the trip back].  Great event, great hosts. -Marc

Westport-20120930-00049 Solstice Regatta 2014 2014-07-04

2014 21st Annual Whitebread Regatta, October 4th | Around Shelter Island, NY | 2 boats in Class 7A-Multihull

Line Honors and 1st place corrected time: Dave Watts

“This was quite possibly the best day racing that I have had, period. I woke up at 3:45AM Saturday to drive out to eastern Long Island and sail on a Dragonfly 35 Trimaran with owner Penry Jackson. Our helmsman was Tim Palmer who is a 71 year old retired airline pilot and phenomenal Trimaran skipper.

The 4 man crew went out to circumnavigate Shelter Island in the 21st Annual Whitebread Race. The conditions were fantastic! Overcast, chance of rain, cool temperatures, and wind that was 14-18 knots at the start and quickly rose to 20-25 knots for the rest of the race. An Alerion 28 (ironically named “Optimistic”) sank in Gardiners Bay in the first hours of the race. All sailors were rescued, but that will give you an idea of how heavy the wind and seas were. Even though we were started over an hour and a half behind the first fleet, we managed to track down every one of the almost 100 boats that started the race by the time we got to the finish line. At one point we had the asymmetric up and were clocking over 17 knots of speed ……….. for about 20 minutes! Unbelievable.

As we passed the last two boats near the finish line and got the Gun, we had a nice reach back to Shelter Island Yacht Club going 14+ knots the whole way back under main and jib only.

Because I like to have fun with numbers, I checked the historical results for every Whitebread sailed and found the following:

1st  Fastest Corrected time in History (03:40:31)

2nd Fastest Elapsed Time in the 21 Year History of the Whitebread (3:14:47)
Best time ever was a Nacra 5.5 in 2009 at the Whitebread 16 (3:10:44)
#3 was Tim Palmer Df 920 in 2009 at the Whitebread 16 (3:23:16)

3rd Largest Margin of victory in History (32 minutes)
Our helmsman Tim has #1 and #2 in this category as well
#1 Tim Palmer, Whitebread 10, 2003 (36 minutes)
#2 Tim Palmer, Whitebread 9, 2002 (34 minutes)” – Dave Watts

2014 The 8th Annual Pumpkinboat Regatta

October 13, 2014 | Damariscotta, ME

1st Place Individual Paddle: David Watts
1St Place Paddle Relay: Jaja Martin/Robert Watts

“This was a paddle race and something that truly has to be seen to be appreciated. It is the main attraction (no pun intended) of the Damariscotta Pumpkinfest and Regatta. To give a little color about the race, it all starts with a 300-500 pound pumpkin. They are hollowed out and decorated. The object is to climb into said pumpkins in the Damariscotta Harbor and race from the dock around a pumpkin buoy and back to the dock while trying to keep our pumpkins upright. There are spectators in the hundreds, if not thousands, just waiting for us to crash or go swimming, and the intrepid paddling racers never disappoint. There is a procession of paddlers through the crowd with a police escort and bagpipes playing all the way to the dock. We then have the singing of the National Anthem and a blessing of the fleet.  Senator Collins of Maine was on the RC and called the start of each race.

Jaja in front of the cheering crown

Jaja in front of the cheering crown

My sister, a Maine native, carved our pumpkin and painted it all gold with wings on the side. We were paddling the “Golden Snitch”. There was fierce competition from the Hawaiian Aloha Pumpkinboat, the Piggy Pumpkinboat, and of course the Lobster Pumpkinboat among others.  Yes, grown men and women in costumes paddling a hollowed out pumpkin in October in Maine. What could possibly go wrong?



Robert as Harry Potter

Robert as Harry Potter

My brother Robert Watts and sister Jaja Martin were in the relay race and won their first two heats before dominating in the finals. I thought it was a joke until I actually got inside the pumpkin. These people were serious! Pumpkin paddlers came from as far away as Florida, NJ (Watts’) and Boston to compete. I couldn’t let the team down and soon found that it was a terrifying combination of speed and balance while not sinking your pumpkin. Too fast and you swamp the gourd, too slow and I have to take family abuse forever. That was it, first place or bust! I took water over the “bow” (which is really just the hole your sitting in) a couple times, but managed to hold off the lobster for the win. I can’t believe how tired I was after the race. Who knew pumpkin paddling was such hard work. I have a new found respect for the rowing fleet who would have not even broken a sweat over our little course.” – Dave Watts

2014 Flying Scot Atlantic Coast Championships

September 20th-21st | Fishing Bay YC, Deltaville, VA | 35 boats in the Championship Fleet

4th: John Luard and Keith Petrosemolo

2014 Wife Husband Championship

August 23rd-24th | Sayville, NJ | 8 boats in the Championship Fleet

1st: John Luard and Toni Gahn

2014 Lightning North Americans

August 9th – 15th, 2014 | Sheboygan, WI | 37 boats in the Green Fleet. 35 boats in the Yellow Fleet.

Green Fleet:
8th: Jack Huntsman/Don Shon/Paul Krzenski
19th: Ted Duffy/Ian Sandersen/Johanna Schon

Yellow Fleet:
7 David Watts/RobertWatts/Dan Vought

“While the conditions made some of the sailing frustrating, the regatta was run with great efficiency. Launching 107 boats was well organized and was accomplished in 30-45 minutes. This regatta included 3 all-women teams and lots of young sailers. The health of the Lightning class continues to get stronger. The wind finally came up after the finish of the last race. We had a great ride home.” Jack Huntsman


The 27th Annual Fleet 161 Flying Scot Invitational Regatta

August 9th – 11th, 2014 | Saratoga Lake Sailing Club | 17 boats in Championship division

  • 2nd: Thom Lee and Melissa Pater
  • 3rd: Marc Gordon and Phil Cardelfe
  • 8th: Jack Hurley Jr. and Jack Hurley Sr.
  • 11th: Skip Bugbee and Keith Petrosemolo
  • 17th: Joe Wawrzynski Jr and Joe Wawrzynski Sr

 “I’ve heard much about this regatta over the years, so I finally decided to go check it out. The wind was so light that we barely got one race in over the weekend but it was still a pleasure to enjoy the hospitality and camaraderie that this event is known for. Looking forward to going again next year” – Thom Lee

Flying Scot MAYRA Championship

August 2, 2014 | Yacht Club of Stone Harbor | 18 boats

  • 1st: Marc Gordon & Phil Cardelfe
  • 10th: Joe Wawazynski, Jr & Joe Wawazynski, Sr

2014 Flying Scot North American Championships

July 21-25 | Toms River YC, Toms River NJ | 31 Boats in Championship division

  • 10th: John Luard & Keith Petrosemolo
  • 13th: Marc Gordon & Phil Cardelfe
  • 14th: Dan Vought, Sam Vought, & Alex Vought

ELE_7515-XL2014 Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac Race

July 19-21 | Lake Huron, Michigan | 128 boats in Division 2 and 18 boats in PHRF F

  • 2nd in Division and 1st in PHRF F: Thom Lee on board Genesis

“Always one of my favorite events of the year. If you ever have the chance, I highly recommend this event.

You can count on experiencing a wide range of conditions, great competition, and the best parties.”



Crab RegattaFlying Scot Summer Solstice Regatta

June 21-22, 2014 | Selby Bay Marina in Maryland | 19 Boats

  • 4th: Marc Gordon & Phil Cardelfe

“Good time, nice group of sailors; some intense competition.  David Neff ran the race (it’s his home base marina)
We were 1st for the regatta overall out of 19 boats going into the final race (Our Race results for the first 3 races: 4th, 2nd, 1st)  Wind died at the start of a lap shortened course and we got stuck in a hole (aka Navesink) – unbelievably frustrating.  Ended up 4th overall in the regatta.  We soothed the pain with a Crab regatta and beer on the way back from Maryland…”


Nepean One Design Regatta

June 21st-22nd | Ottowa, Ontario | 12 Albacores

4th: Doug and Kay Marsh

“We’ve made the trek so often that it is our second sailing home, and they’ve given us a lifetime free registration to this event!  This year, NOD had 95 competitors in 11 classes split across three courses, with four of the classes dinghy and the rest cruising boats.  One of the dinghy classes was the 2.4mR, which are sailed single handed by physically challenged folk.  These boats and somewhat customized for each person – great to see.  We finished 4th out of 12 (the largest fleet) on triangle followed by an upwind leg then a downwind finish courses.” Doug Marsh

Potomac River Sailing Association’s Spring Regatta

May 24th – 25th, 2014 | Alexandria, VA | 17 boats

12th: Doug and Kay Marsh

“PRSA is located just south of Regan airport and it use to be sailed just east of the main runway.  But silting has made this area difficult to race in, so the courses are now further north making for a long sail from the club, especially since we had to go upwind in the light air and against a rain aided current.   But sailing with many long time Albacore friends made the trip worthwhile.   Of course, staying with our son Nathan who lives NW of DC in Rockville made the trip even better.  We never did solve the current-wind issues on the course, ending up a deep 12th out of 17. ” Doug Marsh