Race Committee Standard Operating Procedures

Service expectations

To serve on Race Committee, contact the 1st Rear Commodore (this year it’s Thom Lee) at racing@monmouthboatclub.org, or go to the member-only section for the link to the SignUpGenius website. 

All active racers are expected to participate as Race Committee over the course of the sailing season.

Skippers must participate in no less than one day of Race Committee over the course of a season (floats in to floats out) for their scores to counted at the end of that season.

Thanks in advance for your service!!!

Conditions for running a race

  • The race committee shall make every effort to ensure that the course is set up to allow for safe, fair, and competitive racing.
  • Start a race only when the following conditions are met.
    • The starting line can reasonably be said to be perpendicular to the wind.
    • The wind speed can be reasonably described as within the limits set by the sailing instructions.
      • Enough wind to fill sails and not so much that it’s dangerous.
      • Competitors can be expected to complete the race within the time limits set by the sailing instructions.
  • The race committee shall welcome the advice of the veteran sailors in the fleet with regards course set up and race operations, while being capable of making the final decisions.

Scoring forms

  • The Race Scoring form can be downloaded by clicking here. Note that there are different forms for handicap racing and for one design racing. Please do not substitute forms for cocktail napkins, etc… the job of the scorer is difficult and made easier with a properly filled out form.
  • The race committee is expected to fill out the appropriate form as much as possible.
    • If you don’t have the information needed to record a participant (skipper name, boat type, etc…), ask them.
  • Scores are to be left in the RC locker or given directly to the scorer at the end of the racing day.

Committee make up

  • Race Committee must consist of 2 boats and 4 qualified people.
  • The Principle RC boat must have a minimum 2 people on board, the PRO and scorer/timer on board. 
  • Everyone on the RC boat & chase/support boat must be able and willing to assist with the race course, racers or any boat which needs assistance on the river.
    • RC members shall review how they would retrieve people from the water every time they get on a Race Committee boat. If you don’t think you can do it, get help.
  • The chase/support boat must have 2 qualified people, who are willing and able to drop & pick up marks. Additionally, this will include assisting racing boats/sailors, moving course marks and generally coordinating with the RC boat/PRO all race needs.
  • Both boats must have working radios and be in constant contact with each other.
  • Club owned RC boats must have a club member on board who will be responsible for the boat’s operations.

Competitor Responsibilities

  • Boats beginning racing for the day must hail the principle RC boat with their sail number and the name of the skipper who shall be scored. If the boat wishes to alternate skippers over the course of a multi-race event/day they shall hail for each change of skipper. The race committee shall acknowledge the hail. If there is no acknowledgement, it didn’t happen.
  • When a skipper and crew are conducting RC and they miss racing, they will be awarded an average score for the race they missed, in the current series. (This will not be true for regattas).
 Please contact Thom Lee (racing@monmouthboatclub.org) with any questions.