New Year’s Day Regatta:  Unfortunately for the N10 Fleet the weather forecasts were accurate: 15 to 20 knots with higher gusts to 25.  This did not faze the Laser sailors and there were 14 boats that sailed.  There were lots of capsizes and only six boats finished the last race.  Six races were scheduled and four races were held.  It all came down to the last race and Dave Watts,
MBC, finished ahead of his closest competition to win with 11 points.  Rob Gruskos, SSYC, finished 2 with 14.  Robby Gearon was 3rd with 15, and Larry Nociolo was 4th with 15.  The top sailors had great close racing. Results are posted on the MBC website.

John English had a great way to describe frostbiting: “When the real racing starts.” I have been frostbiting for over 50 years and always look forward to the opportunity to compete against great sailors.

Larry Nociolo sent an email to me and his comments follow: “Would you mind adding a special thank you in your next Chilblain to all the N10 sailors and also to Bill Henry and Bob Markoff who helped make the Laser New Year’s Day regatta a success?  It was unfortunate the N10 sailors couldn’t go out, but without even asking they jumped in to assist on RC and chase boat, launching and retrieving Lasers, and even in breakfast and lunch setup and cleanup.  I heard from several of the Laser sailors how moved they were by the generosity and community spirit.”

Sunday, January 3:  Same forecast and same wind as on January 1.  The N10’s did not compete but there were three Lasers.

The next scheduled frostbiting date is Sunday, January 10 and the current forecast calls for temperature about 50 with rain, and light wind.