Laser New Year’s Day Regatta

 Write-up from Larry Nociolo:
Mother Nature was kind to the recovering revelers at MBC’s 2017 New Year’s Day Laser Regatta: warm temps, sunny skies and winds dropping from 12 to 7 Kts as Thom Lee noted, “just as we were starting to get tired.”
Matt Goetting had an impressive win in the 14 boat field taking 5 of the 6 races. The tightest competition was for 2nd where Rob Gruskos edged out defending champ Dave Watts (sailing a Frankenstein boat) and Dan Vought. Larry Nociolo bested Thom Lee to pick up the last award commemorating MBC Laser fleet’s 40th anniversary. Brad Carpenter, Jackie Hall and Warren Walkow played do-si-do with the wind before race 1, then expertly ticked off the races and got everyone back before the winds died and dark rolled in.
Thanks to Eileen Nociolo and her many helpers for serving up homemade Chili and a bit of holiday wassail.

N-10 John English Regatta

Excerpts from Denis Farley’s Chilblain:

Frostbiting does not get much better than last Sunday as the wind and weather were great and there was a party after the sailing!  The temperature was nearly 50 with bright sun, and wind that was strong and gusty but dropped as the day went on. 

We managed three twice around windward-leeward courses.  Denis Farley and Taugh Lynch tied with six points each and the tie break went to Denis with two firsts.  Taugh won the other race.  Randy Dickerson was 3rd overall.  Pat Corr was celebrating his first day as a past MBC Commodore.  A big thank you to Pat for two years of hard work.

Complete race results are here: