Some days are tougher than others for the MBC race committee. Today was one of those days. The wind was blowing 4-15 and shifting 45-50 degrees. Les Hathaway and his team of RC volunteers started the day out with a triangle course that was going reasonably well until there was a capsize that sent the chase boats into action. While the chase boats were busy tending to the unfortunate Flying Dutchman, the wind went left far enough that Les took the RC boat up to the windward mark to set it right. Wouldn’t you know that as they were setting up the starting line, the wind went back to it’s original(ish) direction. Fully committed to giving us a proper race course, the team went out and reset the windward mark again. Another huge lefty 20 seconds before the start threatened to undo all that hard work. Fortunately, the course was long and square enough that we had a great race.

Thom Lee, sailing with Melissa Pater topped the day in the Flying Scot Fleet of 8 boats while George Harrington won both races in the Lightning Fleet.

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