Laser Sailors,

To call our sailing yesterday sailing “frostbiting” would be a bit comical. Many were in shorts and I (accidently) took a swim. It felt more like mid-September than it did mid-December.

We had a delayed start due to a lack of wind but were hiking upwind by the time the sixth race came around. We had 10 boats complete. The early light breeze kept the pack close together. The difference between a top third finish and bottom third finish was often as little as five boat lengths. That was the case with Mike Ehnot who bounced back from a pair of eights with two impressive firsts and a second in the final three races. Talbot Pratt and John Surguy extended their streak, which has led to improved finishes. John earned his first bullet in the series, Tal had a pair of seconds.

I’ve also attached the NOR for the Laser New Year’s Day Regatta. Considering that we are getting 10+ boats every Sunday for frostbiting, I’m hoping we can attract a strong turnout from around the area. To help with attendance, we’ve made it a delayed start for those who like to sleep in or need to recover J.