Lee and Mary, 2017 MBC Women’s Champions

Lee Davidson and Mary Nicosia

Congratulations to skipper Lee Davidson and crew Mary Nicosia for winning the 2017 MBC Women’s Championship held Sunday, August 27, an ideal afternoon for racing on the Navesink. The pair have been a team for the past four years and on their fifth attempt, they would not be denied. 

PRO Larry Nociolo had lots of river to work with as winds were out of the east at 5 – 10 mph. Three long races were sailed; Races 1 and 2 were windward/leeward twice around and the final course was a triangle twice around. Competition was very impressive as all six boats were consistently on the starting line and rolling at the gun. Expert spectators noted a huge improvement in sailing skill from prior years.

Lee and Mary controlled the first race despite a strong challenge by Jackie Hall/Sharon Stockwell as well as Sarah Steib/Tammy Hensrud. The champions worked their way into a good lead in the second race, but two boats took advantage of the spotty wind on the last weather leg and slipped by. Jackie and Sharon won and Ingrid Hoffmann/Eileen Nociolo finished second. Lee and Mary came back tough in the final heat, winning the race and the championship with a total of 5 points.

Defending champions, Eileen Nociolo and Ingrid Hoffmann changed positions in the boat this year. Ingrid skippered with excellent upwind sail shape to a consistent 2-2-2, second place over all. Ingrid and Eileen make a formidable team no matter who’s driving. 

First Rear Commodore Jackie and best hiker Sharon, teaming up for the second time, finished 3-1-3 to capture third. The team showed lots of tenacity and may prove to be the boat to beat next year.

The Steib boat, Sarah and Tammy, had scores of 4-4-6 and finished in fourth place. Noteworthy here is that the young skipper will be delivering her second son in three short weeks.  

In fifth place, Olga Maryasis, Sandy Morrow and Joanne Nadell teamed up aboard Aurora again this year; this time with Olga at the helm. Olga received everyone’s vote for most improved sailor of the year; new confidence radiates from her infectious smile.

Jean Mauritzen and Wendy Elovich rounded out the fleet. A bent rudder pin put them out of commission right after the start of Race 1, but with an assist from a patrol boat for a quick repair, they completed the final two races. When not on the helm, Jean can be seen crewing on a Lightning. 

This is the sixth year for the Women’s Championship in the revised double-handed boat format. During that time, the reputation of both the regatta and the after party has grown. Last year saw five boats on the line and this year broke that record with six boats! The expansion of the Thursday evening NautiGal series attracted many participants of varying experience, and coordinator Lee Davidson has done a great job including everyone. Special thanks to series PRO Chuck Hunnewell and seminar leader Dan Vought.

To the skippers, crews, race committee, photographers, spectators, spouses and supporters, a resounding WELL DONE!

Race Committee: PRO Larry Nociolo, APRO Les Hathaway, Dianne Berger, Barbara Nevius, Isaac Maryasis, Chris Davidson (photographer), Brian Dellett, Janet Dellett (photographer) and Mike Simon

 Eileen Nociolo/Ingrid Hoffmann Victorious at Women’s Championship – 2016IMG_1690

PRO Larry Nociolo welcomed a record twelve women competing in five Flying Scots to the 2016 MBC Women’s Championship, Sunday, August 28. Mother Nature, arguably the most important NautiGal, blessed the fleet and the day with brilliant sunshine and comfortable breezes out of the ESE ranging from 8-12 mph.

The competition this year was outstanding. The newly established Thursday evening series of racing and clinics organized by Lee Davidson was credited to be the single factor in the improvement of the sailing level, as well as the increased participation.

Eileen Nociolo and Ingrid Hoffmann, back together again, were in the zone, posting a very impressive first place finishes in each of the 3 races. The team had good starts in the first 2 heats, but crossed the line last in the third. Not to be deterred, they played the shifts and reached the weather mark first. In fact, they lead at every mark in every race. Skipper Eileen credits her crew: “Ingrid kept us focused on all the things we learned this year in the clinics and the practice racing, so we managed to get around the course efficiently.”

Lee Davidson with crew Mary Nicosia also showed a lot of growth on the learning curve this time out and finished second. They had a bit of hard luck in the second race when they fell into a hole, but had the first place team rubbernecking in the last heat, especially downwind. Watch out for Lee and Mary next year.

In third place for the day was first rear commodore nominee Jackie Hall and crew Sharon Stockwell. It would be an understatement to say the pair sailed consistently, they crossed the finish line 3 times in third. The race committee dubbed Sharon the best hiker of the day.

Sandy Morrow had the assist of two able crew, Olga Maryasis and Joanne Nadell. The highlight of their day was Race 2 when they rounded the weather mark behind Eileen/Ingrid and held on all the way around the course to claim second place. They finished fourth overall.

Sarah Steib, with crew Beth Meagher and Janet Dellett, rounded out the fleet and had 2 fourths along with a fifth. This young skipper shows a lot of interest and potential so stay tuned.

NautiGals serving on race committee included APRO Eileen Ewing, Leslie Olving, Pris Gettis, Barbara Nevius and Melissa Pater.  Also serving were PRO Larry Nociolo, Pat Corr, Bob Markoff, Bill Ewing, Chris Davidson, and Thom Lee.  Thank you all and we saved the best for last, thank you Keith Petrosemolo.

Thursday Night Women’s Series, 2016

The Thursday night women’s series ended August 18 with good weather and fair winds.  The series was promoted to encourage women to try sailboat racing and provide a place for more experienced sailors to improve their skills.  By these standards the series was a big success.  Girls new to sailing were paired with better sailors to race.  In addition to this mentoring, Jack Huntsman gave a very informative workshop one rainy Thursday and Pris Gettis along with Pat Corr did an on the water instructional workshop as well as a talk on the rules of sailing.  Hopefully, all this sailing education will encourage more girls to race in the Women’s Championship.

The NautiGals series would not have been a success without race committee.  Barbara Nevius, Bob Markoff, John Laurd, Pat Corr, Pris Gettis, Isaac Maryasis, Chris Davidson, Les Hathaway Sandy Morrow and of course Keith Petrosemolo volunteered their time to run great races.  Eileen Ewing photographed the races each week.

Plans are to run this series again next year.  Watch out men the NautiGals are coming to the race course!

Each week different girls sailed together.  Because of this the best scoring races of each skipper were used to calculate the series results.
1.  Lee Davidson
2.  Jackie Hall
3.  Eileen Nociolo

The NautiGals

The NautiGals

4.  Ingrid Hoffmann
5.  Sarah Steib
6.  Leslie Olving
7.  Mary Nicosia
8.  Joann Nadell
9.  Olga Maryasis
10. Sandy Morrow


Navesink NautiGals Opening Season Brunch

May 22 the NautiGals will be having their annual opening season brunch.  Join us to socialize with a group of sailing woman.  Please RSVP lzilincar@aol.com if you are coming.


Charter Members: Jackie Cattanach, Eileen Ewing, Eileen Nociolo



  • Suzy Bugbee
  • Lee Davidson
  • Janet Dellett
  • Wendie Elovich
  • Linda Ensor
  • Lori Ersolmaz
  • Andree Friel
  • Pris Gettis
  • Jackie Hall
  • Ingrid Hoffmann
  • Dot Lucyk
  • Olga Maryasis
  • Sandy Morrow
  • Joann Nadell
  • Barbara Nevius
  • Mary Nicosia
  • Eileen Nociolo
  • Tina Petrosemolo
  • Sarah Steib
  • Sharon Stockwell
  • Linda Topping
  • Alice White

Monmouth Boat Club – Women’s Sailing from Lori H. Ersolmaz on Vimeo.


Dot and Tori Lucyk, 2015 Women’s Champions

What a Day!

2015CollageCommodore Pat Corr welcomed all participants to the MBC Women’s Championship this year reinstating a “welcome to the regatta” tradition that has been nearly forgotten in recent years. Thank you, Pat!

The weather gods were kind to the NautiGals once again as Dot and Tori Lucyk ruled the day with three bullets in a field of four boats sailing on Sunday, August 9. Dot’s record of MBC Women’s Championships, 7 under the single-handed format and 2 under the new double-handed format, will be a tough one to beat!

Eileen Nociolo and crew, Leslie Olving, posted a 2, 4 and 2 on windward-leeward courses in winds clocking from the northeast to the south. The velocity, ranging  from 5-12 mph, was challenging for all. Lee Davidson and Mary Nicosia sailed consistently with 3 third-place finishes. Both of these teams have been out practicing and racing on a regular basis, and their gained experience resulted in a competition closer than the scores indicate. They have also been very generous and accommodating to the NautiGals who are just learning by including them in informal practices.

Jackie Hall and Ingrid Hoffmann rounded out the field with a 4, 2 and 4. Jackie joins us from Colorado where she sailed on J24s and J22s as crew. She had no problem transitioning to the helm, and she and Ingrid definitely “got game.” Jackie showed major NautiGal spirit by wearing pink flamingo shorts!

Lots of NautiGals got in on the action by being out on the water for the afternoon. Terry Liccardi helped out on the mark boat, while Sharon and David Stockwell hosted Linda Ensor on their Scot for a some sailing and spectating. Lori Ersolmaz, Olga Maryasis and Alice White came out to support, and participated in a Q&A session with driver and Flying Scot expert Bill Ewing as he explained what was happening on the race course.

At the completion of sailing, a debrief was held to continue the learning experience. PRO Larry Nociolo, Bill Ewing, Pat Corr and APRO Les Hathaway were generous with praise, and critiques, as well as helpful hints for improving. Although he could not stay for the debriefing or supper, Russ Goldman also served on race committee and we thank him for his good work.

A special shout out for our friend, Keith Petrosemolo. Keith has been faithfully serving on race committee for the last 4 years, he often crews onboard a NautiGal’s boat, and he helped with several practices and clinics this year. Thank you, Keith!

The Petrosemolos were out in full force. Art and Tina came out with Peter Smith – click here for to view Art’s photos; they are a wonderful reminder of the day.

Communications: Lee Davidson  lzilincar@aol.com

Sunday, August 9 • 1 pm
2015 MBC Women’s Championship

Schedule of Events

Skippers Meeting: 12:30 pm
First Race: 1:00 pm, followed by Races 2 and 3
Debrief and Trophy Presentation in the Pine Room: After Racing
Potluck Supper: 5:15 pm (time approximate)

Kudos and thanks to the experts who ran clinics and seminars this year, Jack Huntsman, Pris Gettis and Denis Farley:


Sailboat Racing 101

DenisclinicA Denis Farley Clinic
Saturday, July 25* • 1:30 pm
All Novice Sailors Are Invited

Accomplished sailor and Head Adult Sailing Instructor Denis Farley will help you get up to speed for the next regatta! Denis covers starting, tacking, jibing and mark rounding basics on shore, along with practice starts and short races on the water. This is a bring-your-own boat event, all classes welcome. Those participating in the Women’s Championship will have an opportunity to sail with their skipper/crew.
*Rain date: Sunday, July 26 • 10:00 am.

The Racing Rules of Sailing 101

PrisGettisSailingA Pris Gettis Seminar
Sunday, June 28 • 10 am
All Novice Sailors Are Invited

When two boats converge on the race course, do you know which boat has the right of way? Seasoned sailor and Certified U.S. Sailing Club Judge, Pris Gettis, will clue you in! Registration is not required. Come on up to the third deck on Sunday, June 28, at 10 am. The seminar will be followed by a bring-your-own lunch on the second deck.

On-the-Water Boat Handling JackHuntsman

A Jack Huntsman Clinic
Wednesday, June 24* • 5 pm
All Novice Sailors Are Invited

Want to feel more confident while sailing? This on-the-water clinic is for you! Renown Lightning sailor Jack Huntsman will share tips and techniques on how to get around the race course smoothly and efficiently, with emphasis on mark roundings, teamwork and sail trim. Bring your own boat, all classes welcome. Skippers and crews should be ready to change positions.
*Rain date: Wednesday, July 8 • 5 pm.

Pancakes and Plans

Fourteen NautiGals (and one Dad) met for breakfast in Middletown on Sunday, June 6. Welcome aboard to our new members: Melissa Pater, Alice White and Linda Topping. Former top Albacore skipper, Sig Olving, was also in attendance. Scheduled plans for on-the-water clinics and a rules seminar were discussed, and several impromptu sailing practices were mentioned. Keep in mind anyone in the group can send out the Let’s Do Lunch call by “replying all” to the latest email from Eileen Ewing. See this web page for the scheduled events and, if you’re feeling spontaneous, look for emails, or send out your own, to gather with Gals throughout the year.
Pictured – top: Lee, Leslie, Wendie, Melissa, Eileen, Barbara, Alice, bottom: Chrys, Linda, Ingrid, Eileen, Terry, not in photo: Mary

Ten Gals Participate in Full Moon Regatta

FullMoonLee Davidson, Leslie Olving, and Mary Nicosia were the only all-women team at the 24th annual Full Moon Regatta held on Saturday, June 6, 2015. The female trio finished fourth in the Challenger Fleet. Sharon Stockwell sailing with her husband, David, was fifth.

In the Championship Fleet, Andree Friel, crewing for her husband, Bernard, took top honors and stole the show, as well as a pair of Ronstan polarized sunglasses, during the prize giveaway after trophy presentation. Eileen Nociolo and skipper/husband Larry were third, while Melissa Pater and Thom Lee finished fourth.

Dot Lucyk, Eileen Ewing and Barbara Nevius served on race committee. Well done, all!




Pancake Breakfast To Be Held on Sunday, June 7

From Eileen Nociolo: It’s just an easy way to chat and talk up the new sailing season: meet at the Middletown Pancake House (1610 Rt 35)  at 10am on June 7th.  You can still get back to the Club in time to sail a Bridge Race at 2pm. . . that is, if you’re not too tired from being involved with the Flying Scot Full Moon Regatta the day before! Email nautigals@binnacle-monmouthboatclub.org with any questions.


Wrap-it-up Brunch a Huge Success

DSCN0678 copy 2Twenty four women gathered to share food, drink and sailing stories at the NautiGals Wrap-it-up Brunch on Sunday, October 26, 2014. Guests who are interested in sailing and rowing were invited, and each one was introduced to the group and presented with a flower as a symbol of welcome. Some were already familiar with MBC having taken sailing lessons with one of our competent instructors, and some were visiting for the first time. NautiGals recounted a memorable sailing or on-the-water experience allowing the women to get to know each other better, and providing our guests with a clearer understanding of the benefits of membership.

Four rowers joined us this year, three of whom drove directly from the brunch to Philadelphia to compete in the Head of the Sckuylkill Regatta. Good luck to Linda Ensor and her guests Linda Decelle and Tassana Landy. Other guests included Laurie Quinn – guest of Barbara Prescott, Peggy Mahon Grouse – guest of Leslie Olving, Debbie Hunter – guest of Mary Nicosia, Johanne Di Napoli – guest of Eileen Ewing, Ellen Shilshtut – guest of Olga Maryasis, Terry Liccardi – guest of Mary, Eileen and Eileen, and Jackie Hall – who came to the club for frostbiting but was recruited to join us!

Thanks to Mary Nicosia, Lee Davidson and Eileen Nociolo for setting up and to Lee, Pris Gettis, Suzy Bugbee and everyone who helped with clean up. Thanks also to Art Petrosemolo, photographer – see above.

The brunch was the culmination of a very successful year for the Navesink NautiGals. We continue to draw new members by providing continuing sailing education through clinics and seminars as well as a social outlet for the fastest growing demographic now entering into the sport of sailing – women.

Jackie Repeats as Champ; Eileen Returns to the Race Course

IMG_4859PRO Larry Nociolo and his committee set a modified triangle course in light, lumpy easterly winds for the 2014 Monmouth Boat Club Women’s Championship. Sailing in Flying Scots, four teams came out to compete on Sunday, August 10. With lead changes on several legs during the three races, the regatta was the tightest competition sailed under the double-handed format to date.

Jackie Cattanach, winner of the first NautiGals trophy in 2012, posted scores of 2-1-1 to win this year. Eileen Ewing came out of retirement to handle Songadeewind’s jib. This is the fifth win for Jackie, having won the MBC Women’s sailed under the Leah Russell Trophy three times, and twice under the new NautiGals trophy.

Eileen Nociolo – with the help of new NautiGal, Leslie Olving – sailed very fast and very smart to finish second overall. These Gals have been practicing together and their excellent teamwork was obvious all around the course, finishing with a strong 3-2-2.

Last year’s champion, Dot Lucyk continues to make this regatta a family affair, sailing this year with daughter Tori. Dot and Tori showed their winning style by passing the lead boat downwind enabling them to post a first in Race 1.

IMG_4793Lee Davidson and Mary Nicosia, sailing together for the second year in a row, were also competitive, showing great improvement in their upwind skills. For complete results, go to the Racing Results page under the Racing information tab. For photos by Bob Markoff and Tina Petrosemelo click here.

Sailing was followed by the usual feast, a debriefing, and an acknowledgement from the PRO regarding the tightness of the fleet and the corinthian spirit that the women displayed while sailing. Support by club members for this event continues to grow. Special mention to the following NautiGals: Ingrid Hoffmann and Sandy Morrow, who were on the committee boat, Tina Petrosemolo and Barbara Prescott who were on the photo boat taking pictures, and Lori Ersolmaz who again captured the action on video (coming soon). Other club members on committee and support boats were: Paul Lucyk, APRO, Topher Lucyk, Bruce Cattanach, Herb Shumann, Richard Phares, Les Hathaway, Bob and Carole Markoff, and Bill Ewing. Thank you one and all!



Gals Benefit from Boat Handling Clinic

ClinicBruce Cattanach, who trains our sailing instructors, lent his expertise on two evenings so that our novice sailors could become more confident with their boat handling skills. Wednesday evening, July 2, provided instruction on land, and on-the-water drills followed. Unfortunately, a threatening sky abbreviated the clinic and the remainder took place on Monday, July 14. The drills concentrated mostly on figure 8 tacking and figure 8 jibing. Boat handling improvement over the course of the evening was undeniable, and several NautiGals will continue to use the drills informally to continue to improve. Many thanks to Bruce and Jackie Cattanach for running this event. Their dedication to one-design sailing, Monmouth Boat Club and the NautiGals remains constant and unwavering.


Lee Davidson Wins First Trophy












Several Gals were on the race course on Saturday, June 7, to compete in the Flying Scot Full Moon Regatta. Skipper Lee Davidson, ably assisted by crew, Jackie Cattanach, won her first race (see photo, boat number 676) and captured second place overall in the challenger fleet. “It was fun today thanks to Jackie, she taught me a lot,” Lee remarked. Lee has been gaining valuable experience over the past few years, and practicing is starting to pay off. Congratulations Lee and Jackie!

The Art of the Start

A Denis Farley Racing Seminar…

Denis2 copy…was held on Sunday, May 18, 2014, with 9 participants in attendance. Denis discussed the basics of starting including checking the wind direction and determining the favored end of the line as well as timing sequences and applicable flags. Thanks to Mary Nicosia for coordinating the event and to Mary and Ingrid Hoffmann for providing the food. If you attended, please give Mary or me feedback. We are considering a series of seminars throughout the season. We’re off to a good start!

Special thanks to Denis for talking to us, answering our questions, and preparing the handout. Denis is always ready to help!


Dot and Molly Lucyk, 2013 Women’s Champions!

Dot & Molly Lucyk

Dot & Molly Lucyk

Four boats came to the line to compete in the 2013 Women’s Championship sailed on August 4. Winds ranged from 10-18 mph with oscillating breezes out of the northwest, providing a challenge for experienced and novice skippers alike. The event was sailed in Flying Scots with no spinnaker. PRO Larry Nociolo set a triangular course; the first two races were twice around. The wind picked up in the third race, so the 2 was removed from the course board and the Gals sailed once around.

Dot and Molly Lucyk won the day handily with three first-place finishes over the course of a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The Lucyks’ combined expertise made the sailing look easy as the pair won each start and extended their lead in the first two races. In the third race, Eileen Nociolo and Ingrid Hoffmann challenged the Lucyk team by closing in on the final reach, but Dot and Molly prevailed. Sandy Morrow and crew Jackie Cattanach and Lee Davidson and crew Mary Nicosia rounded out the fleet and sailed admirably, garnering valuable experience for future regattas.

IMG_0598Upon completion of racing, the women convened on the second deck to enjoy the beautiful weather and the fabulous potluck dinner that was organized by Wendie Elovich. Race committee members, commodores and passersby were invited to partake in the wealth of goodies contributed by the NautiGals.

Many thanks to the race committee: Larry Nociolo, Herb Schumann, Richard Phares, Paul Cocotos, Bruce Cattanach, Suzy Bugbee, Brian Bugbee, Keith Petrosemolo, Bill Ewing and photographer Art Petrosemolo. Special thanks to Lori Ersolmaz who shot some impressive video of the action. Go to https://vimeo.com/71758094 to view footage of the last race.




Ingrid Top NautiGal in MiltenbergerIngridPaul

Congratulations to Ingrid Hoffmann and her crew, Paul Lucyk, for their third-place finish in the Miltenberger held on July 27 in a 10 mph Southwesterly. Lee Davidson and crew Paul Cocotos also sailed well on the Olympic course set by PRO Bruce Cattanach. Lee held onto second for the first triangle, but fell to fourth during the second windward leg when a port tack lift helped Marc Gordon and Ingrid to squeeze by on the left side of the course. Mary Nicosia and crew, Keith Petrosemolo, finished fifth. Winners of the event were Joe and Joe Wawrzyynski. Well done, all!


Feisty Women in a Feisty Breeze










Six women in two Flying Scots came out to practice on Saturday, July 20, in preparation for the Women’s Championship on August 4. Skipper Lee Davidson with crew Mary Nicosia / Wendie Elovich and skipper Eileen Nociolo with crew Ingrid Hoffmann / Lori Ersolmaz met the challenge of the 10-15 mph westerly with aplomb. Very well done, Gals! Two practice starts and three races were run by PRO Larry Nociolo and APRO Chris Davidson. Mark boat duty was handled by Paul Cocotos and Keith Petrosemolo. Our expert coach for the day, Jack Huntsman, was able to give great on-the-water advice throughout the racing. Kudos and thanks to all our support staff!


Lots of Learning Going On

Carla, Eileen, Mary, Lee, Ingrid, Sandy and Wendie

Carla, Eileen, Mary, Lee, Ingrid, Sandy and Wendie

Despite the heat Sunday, July 7, turned out to be a successful training day for several NautiGals. There was a brief spinnaker lesson at the Aslan’s Flying Scot in the parking lot. Thanks to Carla and Steve for doing the grunt work on the boat. Gals and other novices and experts launched their boats for some on-the-water training compliments of John Luard and Keith Petrosemolo with Thom Lee serving as race committee and videographer. Thanks to John, Keith and Thom.

Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhSg8X7u7Xw to view practice gybes in Flying Scots by the Luard/Petrosemolo team as well as the Gordon/Cardelfe team. Although we will not be using the spinnaker in the 2013 Women’s Championship, this kind of training may pave the way to bringing out the kite next year. If you weren’t with us, you missed out on a great learning opportunity.


From Denis Farley regarding club boats: The adult sailing program has three Flying Scots, number 366, 1301, and 4158. We have never had a need for more than two at one time which means that one is always available on a Saturday, and all three are available on most Sundays. In addition, the Flying Scot Foundation provided two brand new jibs a couple of years ago that have hardly been used. These jibs are meant to be used if someone wants to race a Scot on a Tuesday evening or a Sunday. Please contact Denis if you’d like to use a club boat.