Since Sandy the TV Fleet has been dormant. If you are interested in being the fleet captain then contact Glen Bloodgood. The fleet Meets on Sundays during the mid football season (Nov to Superbowl)…. all are welcome. Historically the TV Fleet has also sponsored the Kentucky Derby Party at the Club House during the spring season.

Fleet Captain

TBD (Glen Bloodgood – acting fleet captain)



Master Chiefs


Previous Fleet Members

  • Dave Watts
  • Glenn Bloodgood
  • Bob Hill
  • Ron Kudile
  • Bill Carton
  • Joe Cahill
  • Dale Barney
  • Doug Peckmore
  • Keith Johnson
  • Charlie Dzwonkowski
  • Joe Burns
  • Randy Dickerson
  • Peter Richardson
  • Bill Henry
  • Peter Smith
  • Neil Mietz
  • Craig Slater
  • Larry Nociolo
  • Bernard Friel
  • Herb Schuman
  • Greg Moroz
  • Les Hathaway
  • Steven Smith
  • Skip Bugbee
  • Jules Borrus
  • Jackie & Bruce Cattanach
  • Paul lucyk