We had a great day of sailing and the best description of the wind is that it was a Navesink kind of day. The wind started off northwest, went to the west some and then decided to go north before the start of the first race. The RC boat was heavily favored and the course consisted of reaches. The winner of the start won the race while the others followed in single file. A few sailors were unhappy. The RC reset the course for the north wind and of course the wind swung back toward the west. It was a challenging day with puffs and lulls, lifts and headers. Chris Henkel won the day by winning three races and being near the top in the other races. He ran in the NY Marathon last week and said that this was a lot more fun. Denis won the day in N10’s with 3 firsts. It reminds us of the old saying: Old age and treachery can overcome youth and skill. Scores are up on the MBC website.
Frostbiting, a learning experience: Alan Walkow joined us again and he learned about fore and aft weight placement in an N10. Peter Jones sailed his new Laser and this was his first time skippering in races. The results were predictable. I told Peter that we all started out in last place.

Dave Watts brought his dog to MBC and the dog was his crew for one race. The dog was a good crew and they finished second in that race.

Rob Ender of Flying Dutchman fame joined us for the first time. Please register.

Penalty Turns: The penalty for a rules infraction is normally 720 degree turns. Since the frostbite courses are so short the penalty is reduced to a 360 turn. Please do your turn if you foul.

Registration: We need to have all frostbite sailors registered. There are forms in the Pine Room at MBC, and the form is also attached to this email.

To date we have sailed three of three frostbite days and the long range forecast looks good at the moment for Sunday, November 15.

MIA: There still a lot of sailors that are MIA. We hope to see you on Sunday.


P.S. Check out Art’s great pics from the day on nauticalphotography.us.