It was dark cloudy day on Sunday with the temperature about 50. The lack of sun really makes it seem a cold colder. The wind from the northwest was moderate and eventually settled down to a northerly direction. It was important to play the shifts and stay with pressure.

The Lasers sailed five races and Brendan Gilman won the day. Second on the day went to Robert Gruskos, a high school senior and visiting racer out of SSYC.  Cole Barney did well but not as well as last week. There were 15 Lasers sailing.

The N10 Fleet got in four races, and since there were not that many sailors we suspended the rule about not sailing more than two consecutive races. We need Dennis Nitka, Mike Nitka, and other absentees to join us.

N10 race winners were Randy Dickerson who played the shifts correctly in the first race, newcomer John Sampson, and Dan Vought who won the last two races.

Scores are posted on the MBC website. Thank you to Thom Lee for posting them promptly. We do have a problem with identifying sailors and we need to work on this.

Schedule: The N10’s have three more Sundays in the Fall Series. The N10 John English Regatta is December 20. There is no racing on December 27. The New Year’s Regatta is on Friday, January 1.

Two Courses: A few years ago we used to use two RC boats and separate courses for the fleets. The Laser Fleet has been successful with number of boats this season and we may need to look into going back to separate courses.

Laser Dollies: There were Laser dollies that were blocking the front entrance to MBC and also blocking the hoist that the N10’s use. Please move the dollies a little further from the water and not in front of the entrance.

Sunset: The sun now sets about 4:30 PM and will set earlier in the coming weeks. We really need to try to start races as soon after noon as possible.

Thanksgiving is coming and I will be away on Sunday, November 29 which means that we need a volunteer to write the Chilblain for this date. Please let me know.