Photo by Art Petrosemolo. To See more great pics, click on the photo.

Photo by Art Petrosemolo. To See more great pics, click on the photo.

Sunday, November 1 started out as a windy day that dropped in velocity as the day afternoon wore on.  The Lasers  were able to get going by 12:30 PM or so but the wind was out of range for the N10’s.  N10’s are short and have a problem when running in heavy wind.  The boat wants to turn into a submarine and the only way to survive is sit on transom and pray.

By a little after 1 PM the wind had dropped enough for the N10’s to be launched and sail safely.  Lasers and N10’s got in 6 races for each fleet.  George Harrington won the day in Lasers and had three firsts.  Randy and Taugh each had two firsts and a 2nd to tie for the day.  Other N10 race winners were Denis, and Josh Parks.  Up to date results are posted on the MBC website.

Jeremy Macan showed up with his N10 and drew a crowd who were checking out the paint job on the bottom and forward bend in the mast.

Alan Walkow, an MBC Flying Scot sailor, joined up for the first time and has been added to the email list.

Race Committee:  Thank you to Bill Henry who was PRO for the day as he was last week.  He was joined by new MBC member, Peter Jones.  Gentlemen, thank you for your good work.  It was a long afternoon on the water for them.  And thank you to Thom Lee who does the scores.  It is important that everyone registers for frostbiting so we can identify the sailors.

MIA:  We had over 30 participants in N10 racing a year ago, and at this point we have had 19 sailors.  There are a number of sailors that are MIA.  You know who you are and we hope to see you on Sunday, November 8, wind and weather permitting.