Winter has arrived and last Sunday was a real frostbiting day with snow and cold. The conditions reminded me of my old frostbite days in Rochester, NY about 45 years ago. Snow during racing was not unusual and it was cold! There is a nice write up about Sunday and a lot of pictures on the MBC website,  Scores are up on the website.

N10 sailors were slow to assemble and we did get going with 5 or 6 boats for each race.  The N10 Fleet sailed six races and Dan Vought had a great day with two firsts and a 2nd.  The scores for race #6 did not make it to the scoresheet.  Who has the scores for that race?

Possibility of Ice:  I did some checking on the Shrewsbury River in Monmouth Beach this morning and ice has formed near shore.  It will be cold the rest of the week and we could have ice on the local rivers in a few days.

Wind and Weather Forecast:  There is a snow storm forecast for Saturday with up to a foot of snow and blizzard conditions with wind blowing 30 to 50 mph.  The yard will flood some of the Lasers may be floating around. The snow is supposed to be over by Sunday but it will be windy.  It will be a good day to be indoors watching football.