We should have more days like December 20! Sun, a medium breeze, and temperature in the mid 40’s made for an ideal frostbiting day.  That makes nine consecutive Sundays that we have been able to sail.

N10 John English Regatta:  There were 12 sailors sailing six boats and the fleet was divided using the traditional method using the first four races as qualifiers for the Championship Fleet and the Challenger Fleet.  Dan Vought won the regatta and managed to run his streak of 1st’s to five before falling to 3rd in the final race.  Denis Farley won the Championship final race and finished 2nd  in the regatta.  Taugh Lynch sailed consistently and finished 3rd overall.  Dale Barney won the final race of the Challenger Fleet and was declared king of that fleet. Pat Corr was 2nd, and Alan Walkow was 3rd.

Lasers: The Laser Fleet sailed a good distance to the east and had good sailing. Rob Gruskos from SSYC won the day.  Brendan Gilman and Matt Geittig did well.  There were 15 Lasers racing.

Chris Henkel was absent yesterday but won the overall for Lasers followed by Michael Ehnot and Brendan Gilman.  MBC sailors were represented in the top five by George Harrington in 4th and Larry Nociolo in 5th.  Fourteen sailors qualified for the series.  Scores are posted on the MBC website.

Beer and Pizza: The N10 Fleet hosted short meeting after sailing.  Cole Barney announced the John English results.  Randy Dickerson presented long sleeve T-shirts to the N10 sailors.  They have a statement about the N10 racing on the back “When the real racing starts.”

We were joined by some MBC Laser sailors.  There was a suggestion to use one course for both fleets.  It was pointed out that this does not work well in light air or for special events like the John English Regatta.  There is excellent cooperation between the fleets and things will get worked out.

Sunday, December 27: No racing for either fleet.

New Year’s Day Regatta:  Both fleets will sail.  Details for N10 Fleet to be sent next week.

Sunday, January 3:  The start of the Winter Series.