It hardly seemed like frostbiting with temperature in the mid 60’s. There was zero wind at noon and about 1 PM a light breeze from the east appeared. The Lasers got going slowly and set up a course to the east. The N10’s got going and ran short races in front of MBC. The Lasers finished up before the N10’s and the last N10 finished about 4 PM.

N10’s: Dan Vought had a great day and won three races that moved him up to 2nd overall just 3 one hundredth behind Denis. The other race winners were Randy Dickerson, Cole Barney, and Taugh Lynch. I know that Randy sailed on December 6 but there are scores listed. Randy: Check the results.

Lasers: Chris Henkel had a great day with three 1st’s and two 2nd’s, and leads the series. Talbot Pratt deserves special mention for being out racing every day of the frostbite season. Peter Jones is new to MBC and Lasers, and is starting to move up in the fleet. He no longer finishes DFL very often.

Schedule: The Lasers still have two more days remaining in the Fall Series, December 20 and 27. After that they will sail the New Year’s Day Regatta. Fleet Captain Chris Henkel will send out an NOR to the fleet. If the weather stays warm there may not be ice so sailing can continue in January.

The N10 Fall Series is over. N10’s sail the John English Regatta on Sunday, December 20. An NOR will be sent in a few days. They take December 27 off and return for the New Year’s Day Regatta.

Summary: Frostbiting is alive and well at MBC with two active fleets. We have sailed every Sunday of the series which is unusual as we often get blown out or rained out this time of year. The Laser Fleet has 15 sailors that have qualified for the overall so far, and the N10’s had 11 qualified which is the same number as last year. The N10 Fleet had approximately 30 sailors that sailed at least one race.

Lastly, the Frostbite Fleets run the Derby Day Party on the first Saturday of May. It is a fun event and we hope all frostbiters support the event that will be on May 7 in 2016. We also need to revive the Mad Dash sailboat event that precedes the Derby Party.