12 boats finished the Bart’s Bash race today in light and variable winds. Thanks to PRO Denis Farley for making sure we were able to participate in this global memorial regatta in honor if Andrew “Bart” Simpson.  Click here for pictures and full report.
Finishes and corrected times based on the Portsmouth Handicap were as follows…
1. Thom Lee & Melissa Pater: 41m 8s
2. Dale Barney: 41m 9s
3. The Friels: 42m22s
4. George Harrington: 41m 27s
5. Skip Bugbee: 42m 53s
6. Randy Dickerson: 42m 55s
7. The Cattanachs: 43m 4s
8. Bill Jaeger: 45m 14s
9. Marc Gordon: 46m 30s
10. Tim Boyce: 46m 58s
11. Joe Wawrzynski Sr: 50m 2s
12. Rob: 57m 51s
I’ll post the official results to the results page ASAP but it may be a day or two.