Wood Pussy

Fleet Captain: Taugh Lynch

Fleet Members

  • Cole BarneyDSC_4482
  • Dale Barney
  • Doug Brooks
  • Skip Bugbee
  • Joe Burns
  • Joe Cahill
  • Randy Dickerson
  • Bernard Friel
  • Les Hathaway
  • Bill Henry
  • Bob Hill
  • Bob Kent
  • Ron Kudile
  • Taugh Lynch
  • Neil Mietz
  • Steve Okinow
  • Doug Peckore
  • Peter Richardson
  • Barbara Sanoudis
  • Steve Smith
  • Tim Unsinn
  • Dan Vought
  • David Watts

MBC is home to one of the largest Wood Pussy fleets in the country and has hosted the national championships every other year for the past decade. Many Wood Pussys have been lovingly restored by their owners, and the skippers – youngsters to oldsters – are very serious about their sailing and are competitive on the river.

 US WoodPussy Class Association Handbook and Log 2003